Pink Powder Puffs

Pink Powder Puffs (C) 2023. Acrylic painting by Jennifer Pentland.

Native to Bolivia, Pink Powder Puff flowers from the Powder Puff Tree are a gift from Mother Nature with their lush shades of white, pink and red hues.

The flowers bloom all year and add a vibrant pop of color to the darkest days of winter.

The puff ball looking flowers are set against a beautiful green backdrop and often have up to 10 pairs of leaves on a single stem.

Painting these radiant gems made my day.

And the swirls left on my pallet of magenta , ultramarine, and muted yellows made my pallet look like a dream.

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February in France

February in France (c) 2023. Acrylic painting by Jennifer Pentland.

I imagined taking a stroll on a winter day in Paris circa 1930.

The trees are sparkling with snow and the Eiffel Tower gets lost in the distance.

And the ambiance leads to romance.

Infinite Sadness

“Infinite Sadness”, Acrylic painting by Jennifer Pentland, 2020 (c).

Infinite Sadness is dedicated to everyone effected by sadness.

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one”

Stella Adler

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Mountain Meadow

“Mountain Meadow”, Acrylic painting by Jennifer Pentland, 2023 (c).

Mountain Meadow was inspired by the beautiful gardens in France.

As I was painting this, I envisioned sitting quietly beside a majestic French mountain and taking in the delicate colors awash all around me.

I chose to use a vibrant, but sometimes muted, blue sky against a backdrop of pastel greens, yellows, and pink.

It’s just the painting to have a cup of tea by to brighten up the dreariness of a New England winter.

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