Jennifer Pentland

Artist | Blogger

I paint a diverse range of subjects because I believe art has no boundaries. –

Jennifer Pentland

Jennifer Pentland is a self-taught artist based in New England. She discovered her love of painting back in 2020 when she turned to art as therapy to treat her anxiety.

Jennifer loves painting multiple subjects and will often allow the paint brush and pallet to take control. Her favorite medium is acrylics, but she enjoys exploring other mediums as well.

Jennifer was born in 1972 in a small town in Massachusetts and currently resides in New Hampshire with her husband. She has suffered with her anxiety disorder for many years, and as a result, she opened her first Etsy shop in 2021 but did not have the courage to share her art with others until 2023.

Today, Jennifer is still painting and continues to find relief from her anxiety disorder by using art as therapy.

Let’s Connect!

Jennifer loves to chat about art, writing, and life in New England. She can also be found sharing her art at her Etsy shop by visiting https://jenniferpentlandshop.etsy.com

Photographer: Mazera Zehra Coskun