February in France

February in France (c) 2023. Acrylic painting by Jennifer Pentland.

I imagined taking a stroll on a winter day in Paris circa 1930.

The trees are sparkling with snow and the Eiffel Tower gets lost in the distance.

And the ambiance leads to romance.

There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe…

“Old Woman in a Shoe”, 2023 (c). Acrylic painting by Jennifer Pentland.

Old Woman in a Shoe painting was inspired by my childhood love of nursery rhymes.

I let my playful side run free and imagined the shoe in a magical woodland.

As I was painting this, I felt a strong connection to my mother who used to read nursery rhymes to me as a baby.

Ocean Green

Ocean Green, 2023 (c). Acrylic painting by Jennifer Pentland.

Ocean Green abstract painting is moody yet understated with a cool mix of light and dark green tones.

I’ve always found abstracts freeing.

I’m able to let the paint brush roam the canvas and see what appears.

It’s the perfect way to express myself.

Pandemic Tears

“Pandemic Tears”, Acrylic painting by Jennifer Pentland, 2020 (c).

Pandemic Tears is dedicated to everyone affected by the pandemic.

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one”

Stella Adler

I painted this when the world was locked down.

And the universe became silent.

I was consumed by sadness.

Beaumont Garden

“Beaumont Garden”, Acrylic painting by Jennifer Pentland, 2023 (c).

Beaumont Garden was inspired by the beautiful gardens in France.

As I was painting this, I envisioned sitting quietly beside a majestic French mountain and taking in the delicate colors awash all around me.

I chose to use a vibrant, but sometimes muted, blue sky against a backdrop of pastel greens, yellows, and pink.

It’s just the painting to have a cup of tea by to brighten up the dreariness of a New England winter.

Crystal Castle

Crystal Castle”, Acrylic painting by Jennifer Pentland

Crystal Castle is one of the first children’s paintings I created where I allowed my imagination to take complete control.

The vibrant blues, greens, and splashes of pink and yellow, transported me into my very own fairy tale.

To a time when I obsessed over fairies and princesses as a little girl.

And dreamed of living in my very own castle.

It was just the spark I needed to escape the January doldrums.

A New Year’s Quandary and Finishing Mrs. Melancholy

“Mrs. Melancholy”, Acrylic painting by Jennifer Pentland

Every New Year is a gift, which gives me a renewed opportunity to learn, grow, and discover more about myself . And I look forward to seeing how my newly acquired knowledge will translate to my art, writing, and other endeavors.

But, the world suffered from needless wars, a never-ending pandemic, economic challenges, and the continued destruction of the earth’s environment.

And the worldwide political system continued its entrenchment within two mindsets, making it nearly impossible to solve any of the worlds major problems.

Regardless of how divided I feel about New Year’s arrival, I still plan to grab a glass of wine, sit back, and welcome 2023 with open arms.

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness in the New Year!